Equitable Development

Equitable Development: Tools and Strategies for Making a Visible Difference in Communities

Thursday, January 29th, from 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Equitable development is increasingly included in the spectrum of place-based activities for creating strong and livable communities. Today, there are clear initiatives, tangible examples, and award-winning projects that demonstrate the application of the approach as a means to rebuild America’s communities.  The outcomes of equitable development are the result of clearly set expectations; collaborative problem solving; and persistent leadership.  In an era of rapid change, funding constraints and not learning from past failures could be obstacles to implementation.  As a result, there is demand and urgency for tools, strategies, and best practices for improving the proficiency of practitioners.

The 6th installment of the annual equitable development workshop will increase collective understanding about the implementation and accomplishments of the approach.  Through meaningful dialogue and instruction, the workshop will reposition the conversation of how to make our communities more sustainable and viable now and for generations to come through active promotion of equitable development.  This workshop will be held on the first day of the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference.

The workshop is being organized by the U.S. EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice, with support from the U.S. EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities and the Local Government Commission. Morning coffee and lunch are included. Preregistration and a $28 fee are required.

Presented by
The Local Government Commission – Fostering Innovation in Environmental Sustainability, Economic Prosperity and Social Equity

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