Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I contact LGC by phone, fax, e-mail, and mail?
Please visit the Contact Page for more information.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Local Government Commission (LGC)?
Joining the LGC when you register for the conference gets you a discount on membership dues as well as the LGC membership discount on your registration! For details on becoming an LGC member and associated benefits, visit the Membership Page for more information.

How do I ensure that I receive a conference brochure, conference updates, a notice when online registration opens, or conference newsletters?
Click the Get Email Updates option under the News and Resources menu on the home page and provide your contact info. You will be added to the distribution list to receive updates, promotional materials, registration information, and other conference announcements.

Facebook – The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference (NPSG) now has a Facebook Page! Visit our Facebook page to get conference updates and to network with others planning on attending the event.

What is appropriate attire for the New Partners Conference?
If you are an attendee, it is “business casual.” If you are a speaker, it is “business.”

Is there a code of conduct for the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference?
Yes, there is a code of conduct for the conference. Please visit the Code of Conduct Page for more information.

Registration Rates & Policies

How much does it cost to attend the conference?
Visit the Registration page to see the official registration fees for the 2015 conference.

What does my conference registration fee cover?
The full conference registration fee includes:

  • Access to all plenaries, breakouts, workshops and trainings in the main conference program
  • Limited conference meals and refreshment breaks
  • Name badge, conference attendees list, and printed program booklet

What MEALS are included with my conference registration?
Meals included with your conference registration will be announced shorly.

I registered online — why haven’t I received a registration confirmation?
Please allow at least 1 hour after you registered for a confirmation to be sent to your email inbox. You may need to refresh your email browser or check your spam box. If you still have not received a confirmation, please email Nico Gilbert-Igelsrud at to confirm that your email address was typed correctly and that your registration is complete.

I received an email saying that my registration was incomplete— what does this mean?
Your registration may be incomplete for several reasons: 1) the allotted time to complete your registration expired before you clicked the submit button; 2) you failed to complete all of the required fields on the registration form; 3) your payment was not received (either you didn’t complete the payment process, or your credit card was not approved).

Please use the link provided in the email you received to return to your original registration in order to complete the registration process. Do not start a new registration.

My password isn’t working. How can I get back into my registration to add or change items?
You must clear your cookies or cache first, then your password will work. If you have reset your password, the new password will work after clearing your cookies or cache. Once in, you may make any changes such as adding tours and workshops, or updating your contact information.

Do LGC Members get a discount on conference registration?
LGC members receive a $25 discount on the early bird and regular three-day conference registration fees. See the Registration page for more details.

My organization is listed as a conference promotional partner—does this mean I receive a free or discounted registration?
Unfortunately, no. Given the large number of promotional partners associated with this event, we are unable to provide each organization with a free or discounted registration.

My agency/organization/company is listed as conference sponsor—does this mean I am eligible for free or discounted registration?
Conference sponsors are offered a specified number of free registrations based on their sponsorship level. Any free registrations offered to the office the sponsor are to be distributed by that office to whomever the sponsor chooses. Each sponsor registration requires the use of a Sponsor Registration Code and individual link provided by the LGC.

Are discounted registration fees available?
LGC members receive a $25 discount off the full conference registration fees. There is also a group discount of $25 per registration if five or more people from one agency/organization/ company register at the same time. These discounts can be taken online. See the Registration page for more details.

What is the registration deadline?
Registration deadlines will be announced shortly.

Will registrations be accepted after the deadline?
If space is available, registrations will be accepted after the registration deadline. A $50 late fee will apply.

Will “walk-in” registrations be accepted on-site?
If space is available, walk-in registrations will be accepted. The $50 late fee will apply, as well as a $35 “walk-in” fee. The additional $35 covers our additional costs and time to process registrations and produce badges on-site.

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration?
If you cancel IN WRITING by the registration deadline, the LGC will issue you a refund of your registration fees, minus a $100 processing fee.

What if I need to cancel AFTER the registration deadline?
NO REFUNDS will be offered after the registration deadline. Should you need to cancel after this deadline (for whatever reason), you may replace yourself with another person in the online registration system as long as this is submitted by January 21st. After January 21, 2015, should you need to cancel or replace yourself (send a substitute if you can no longer attend), you must contact conference organizers by email with the replacement contact information: or

How can I change my registration type after I have already registered?
In your confirmation email received after registering, there is a link to Review, Change or update your registration. Click on that link and follow the instructions to change your registration type. Do not start a new registration.

Can I pay for my registration with purchase order or check online?
No. But you may still pay with purchase order or check via mail. You must print, fill out and mail the paper registration form along with the appropriate fees to:

Local Government Commission
Attn: Nico Gilbert-Igelsrud

1303 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Do you still accept paper registration forms?
Yes, but only if you are required to pay via check or purchase order. If you are able to pay via credit card we require you use the online system. While we prefer that you use the online registration system, we understand that some organizations, businesses and individuals will find it preferable to submit a paper form and check or purchase order. Please print, fill out and mail the form along with your purchase order or check to:

Local Government Commission
Attn: Nico Gilbert-Igelsrud
1303 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


Continuing Education Credits

What designations are eligible to receive continuing education credits for conference sessions?
The LGC plans to pursue accreditation for the conference program for the following designations: AICP Planners, AIA, ASLA. Please check the Continuing Education page in the coming weeks for more details.

How do I receive continuing education credits after the conference?
Each designation has different requirements for receiving credits. Instructions for each designation eligible for CEUs will be available on the Continuing Education page in late Fall 2013.


Are there scholarships available to cover basic conference registration fees?
A limited number of need-based scholarships are available to offset the cost of conference registration fees. Please visit the Scholarship page for more details on eligibility, how to apply, and applicable deadlines.

Are travel stipends available to help offset my travel expenses?
The LGC is currently fundraising to secure additional funding to provide travel stipends for some scholarship recipients. Please check the Scholarship page for updates and more details.

If am looking for a roommate or would like to rideshare to help reduce my lodging and travel expenses, can the conference organizers help me?

Please use the Roommate Assistance form on the Roommate and Ridesharing page of the conference web site. Participants can use this form to provide their contact information and identify which nights they are looking to room share, and then submit the form to the LGC ( The LGC will attempt to connect those looking for a roommate with each other in advance of the conference, but cannot guarantee that all who are interested in a roommate will be connected with one.

If you are interested in ridesharing or carpooling to the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, please visit (will open in new window). Simply create a username and password and search for the event using the “Find An Event” link on the left hand side of the page. You can either search by the lookup code, NPSG15, or search by State, City, Zip code, or Keyword. Once you find the event, you can post a ride ad for the event or search for existing ride ads.

Sponsors & Promotional Partners

How do I become a conference sponsor?
Visit the Sponsorship Opportunities page and download the Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure to see the different levels of sponsorship and their associated benefits. Contact Michele Warren at the LGC to become a sponsor, or get more information, at (916-448-1198 ext. 308).

As a sponsor of the conference, how do I register?
Sponsors will receive a specific registration link and code from the LGC to use while registering online. This code should be distributed only to the number of complementary registrations each sponsor is eligible for (dependent on individual sponsorship levels) and should be completed online by each individual. All registrations should be submitted according to LGC instructions and by the appropriate deadline.

Sponsors may choose to share complementary registrations with others outside their agency, organization, or company.

How do I become a “non-monetary” conference promotional partner?
Visit the Conference Promotional Partners link (under the Sponsor tab on the homepage) for details on how to become a promotional partner. If you have questions or need additional information, contact Kelsey Wolf-Cloud at (916-448-1198 ext. 342).

Conference Program

I submitted a session proposal before the June 30th deadline. When can I expect to hear whether it has been accepted for the program?
Those who submitted proposals by the July 8th deadline should have heard about the status of their proposal in mid-September.

Where do I find the latest program information?
Visit the Program page. A schedule of confirmed conference sessions is posted.

Where can I find a list of invited speakers?
A list of invited speakers will be posted on the Speakers page in early October. Once all of the speakers are confirmed they will be listed on the Sessions by Time page under each session in which they are speaking.

Are bios available for conference speakers?
Brief biographies of each speaker will be posted on the Speakers page approximately six weeks before the conference.

Do I need to pre-register for specific breakouts or workshops during the main conference program?
Participants do not need to pre-register for specific sessions during the main conference program.

Will there be events scheduled during the conference that require an additional fee to participate?
There will be optional events and tours scheduled before, during and after the conference that require pre-registration and include nominal registration fees. Visit the Tours,Equitable Development Workshop, Healthy Food Systems Workshop, Special Features, and Registration pages for more details on these optional events and their associated costs.


As a speaker, am I required to register?
Yes. All speakers must register to attend, regardless of whether a speaker registration fee is required or not. LGC staff will provide each confirmed speaker with the appropriate registration instructions.

As a speaker, will I be expected to pay a registration fee?
Speakers and moderators are offered reduced registration to attend the conference. Additional details will be posted shorly.

How do speakers register for the conference?
Speakers will be provided with a unique speaker link and access code to use the online registration system.

What forms are required from speakers and by when?
When Speakers register for the conference they will be instructed to provide a 50-word (500 characters max) biography and agree to a media release statement. Each speaker will be sent a confirmation email from the LGC that will include further instructions and deadlines. More details on speaker fees, required forms, and other logistical information can be found on the Speakers page.

Will Conference Organizers provide travel assistance to speakers participating in the conference?
The LGC has an extremely limited speaker travel budget for this event, and most speakers will not receive any travel assistance. As a general rule, speaker travel assistance is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Speakers representing small nonprofits, grassroots and community organizations, and local governments are given priority in allocating travel funds. More information on our travel assistance guidelines can be found on the Speakers page.

Where do I find out when and where I am speaking during the program?
A detailed confirmation email will be sent to each speaker, including the session title, date, and the time of each session that a speaker is confirmed for.

Do I need to submit my PowerPoint Presentation in advance to the LGC?
Speakers who wish to give a PowerPoint presentation during the conference will need to upload a pdf file of their presentation through the online registration system. Speakers are still required to bring their PowerPoint presentations on a flash drive to the conference. More details on speaker fees, required forms, and other logistical information can be found on the Speakers page.

Will there be someone to assist me with getting my presentation set-up before my session?
Each session will have a Room Monitor (a staff person or volunteer) that will be available before the start of each session to assist speakers and the moderator with any needs they may have (distributing handouts, loading presentations onto the laptop provided, etc.). Audiovisual technicians will be available throughout the event to provide technical assistance and help with trouble-shooting, should speakers need additional assistance.

Will the LGC reproduce handouts for me to supplement my presentation?
Given our efforts to reduce waste, the LGC will not be able to reproduce handouts for speakers. Speakers are welcome to bring 75-100 copies of any handout they would like to distribute during their session.

What Audio-Visual equipment is normally available to presenters?
All meeting rooms will include PC laptops, LCD projectors, screens, mixers, wired microphones and a podium. Flip chart packages and wireless advancers are available upon request. More details regarding audiovisual equipment can be found on theSpeakers page.

Will I be able to use my own laptop to give my presentation?
No. You will need to bring your PowerPoint presentation and/or other electronic materials with you to the event on a flash drive. You will need to load your presentation onto the laptop in the meeting room where you will be giving your presentation.

May I request additional Audio-Visual equipment (beyond what is provided) or Internet access for my presentation?
If you believe your presentation requires additional equipment not normally provided, or an Internet connection, you must contact the LGC and make your request in writing. Your request should indicate why the requested items are needed. The LGC will review all requests and notify presenters if they are able to honor them. Please refer to the Speaker Logistics document that was/will be sent to you by the LGC confirming your session details for a list of compatible presentation formats.

Will my session/presentation be audio-recorded?
Most likely. We request that all speakers sign a media release form giving permission for their session to be audio-recorded. Audio recordings may be sold during and after the conference.

What if my presentation was prepared using MAC software?

There will PC laptops available in each meeting room. Please save your presentation files in a universal ppt. or pptx. file format. We do not encourage switching out supplied computer equipment for personal computer equipment. If you require that your personal computer be used for your presentation, please notify the LGC in advance. Please arrive to the meeting room early and a room monitor will be prepared to assist you prior to your presentation.

About New Partners

Conference Organizers

"The challenges of the 21st century will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and innovation. Working together across disciplines, we can create communities that are resilient, prosperous and equitable. The New Partners conference will connect you to diverse experts, new strategies and cutting-edge tools that will help create positive change, starting with your community."
— Kate Meis, Executive Director, Local Government Commission
Michele Kelso Warren
916-448-1198 x308
mkwarren ‘AT’ lgc ‘DOT’ org

Nico Gilbert-Igelsrud
916-448-1198 x327
ngigelsrud ‘AT’ lgc ‘DOT’ org

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