LGC Scholarship Fund

The Local Government Commission (LGC) is sponsoring its annual scholarship fund to offset conference registration fees only for individuals representing small nonprofits, community-based and grassroots organizations, local policymakers, health officials, school officials, and other local government agency staff. Priority will be given to those traveling from outside the region to participate.

The LGC Scholarship Application deadline is December 15th, or until all available funds have been awarded. All awards will be made no later than January 5, 2015.

LGC Scholarship Application PDF

Diversity Scholarship Fund

We already have a long waiting list established for the Diversity Scholarship Fund, so we are not taking any more applications at this time. Should you have any questions about the status of your application, please contact Nico Gilbert-Igelsrud at 916-448-1198, ext. 327 or

Roommate Assistance

Roommate Assistance Forms are available to connect you with other conference participants who are interested in finding a roommate with whom to share lodging expenses.

Roommate Assistance Form: PDF | WORD